Privacy Policy

Additional Data Protection Information

I.- Who is responsible for processing your data?

The entity responsible for the processing of your data is Monasterio Boltaña S.L. (hereinafter referred to in this document as “the hotel”) with registered office at c/ afueras s/n – 22349, Boltaña, Huesca.

II.- For what purposes and on what legal basis do we process your data?

The Hotel informs the interested party that their data will be processed by Hotel Monasterio de Boltaña, for the following purposes:

1. Processing of your credit card data by the payment services provider: In the event that the user reserves their accommodation through the channels indicated in section 1, their card details will be automatically provided to the payment services provider in order to process the corresponding charges within the framework of this reservation. The payment services provider will retain the card data for a limited time, solely to process charges for any additional fees that may arise as indicated in the Terms and Conditions of the reservation (possible extensions of the reservation, charges for modifications or cancellations, etc.).

The Hotel will not retain the user’s card data, but they will be stored in a secure environment by the payment services provider in accordance with their specific regulations. In this sense, the Hotel will only process the confirmation of whether the user has paid the reservation or additional charges, as well as the token of the credit card (a specific code linked to the card, but which does not allow its use) to request the provider to make the charges for additional fees..

Legal Basis: This processing is necessary for the performance of the contract.

2. Management of the reservation and contracted services:. In order to manage and formalize the purchase of products and the provision of services offered by the Hotel, the user has two direct channels: the website ( or the call center.

To manage the reservation requested by the user, the Hotel will need to process the personal data provided by the user through the data collection forms.

Likewise, the Hotel will process the information necessary to manage requests for modification or cancellation of reservations requested by the user.

If, in free-text fields or through a request to the call center agent, the user provides data concerning their health to manage specific services, the Hotel understands that such data is communicated expressly and voluntarily by the user, since there is no prior request for this information and they will only be processed to manage the user’s request (for example, adapted rooms based on special needs).

Legal Basis: This processing is necessary for the performance of the contract.

3. Sending reminders of non-completion of contracting (abandoned cart):. The Hotel, upon specific request from the user, may send reminders to the user about the non-completion of a contracting process initiated by the user, taking into account the information that the user may have included on the website in the payment form, and only if the user has expressly agreed to receive the mentioned reminder at the time of the unfinished contracting.

Legal Basis: This processing will only be carried out if the Hotel has the user’s consent by marking the positive request for consent that will be displayed during the contracting process of a reservation.

  1. Compliance with accounting, legal, tax, and administrative obligations:

    Legal Basis: This processing is necessary for the performance of the contract..

    5. Sending electronic communications about offers and promotions:.
  2. In order to offer the user products and services that may be of interest, offers about products and services related to those contracted with the Hotel will be sent.

    If applicable, users who have subscribed to the newsletter according to paragraph 10 may receive special commercial communications for program users with discounts or exclusive offers directed only to such users.

    Legal Basis: This processing is necessary to comply with the legal obligations established by the Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, as well as to satisfy the Hotel’s legitimate interests in ensuring the security of the network and information.

    6. For the sending of commercial communications with offers related to products and/or services that the user has already contracted or has contracted in the past with the Hotel Personal data may be processed for the creation of profiles based on internal sources (e.g., cookie browsing data, historical and statistical data of Hotel product contracts) whose results allow for the creation and analysis of personalized products, through segmentation into different groups based on common patterns. These profiles will only be used to send personalized communications about products and/or services offered by the Hotel.

    Legal Basis:This processing is necessary to satisfy the legitimate interests of the Hotel.

    7. Sending commercial communications about offers not related to the contracted services and/or products: The Hotel may send promotional offers about certain products that the user may enjoy at the hotel (e.g., room furniture of the reserved room, SPA, Restaurant, etc.). Similarly, the Hotel may send information about tourism and leisure activities, such as cultural activities, excursions, sports events, etc., that may be offered alone or in conjunction with our accommodation services at our hotels.

    Legal Basis: This processing will only be carried out if the Hotel has the user’s consent.

    8. Management of subscription to the newsletter for sending, by electronic means, information about offers and promotions on products and services offered by the Hotel: The user can request to subscribe to the Hotel’s newsletter by marking the “I want to subscribe” button. From that moment on, the Hotel may periodically send the aforementioned newsletter containing information about products and services offered by the Hotel.

    Legal Basis:This processing will only be carried out if the Hotel has the user’s consent by marking the subscription option for the newsletter.

    9. Handling of claims. To centrally manage the claims that the user submits regarding the services contracted by the user, the Hotel will receive information regarding the claim generated at the hotel, in order to process said claim and offer an appropriate solution to the user. Thus, the Hotel needs to access the information generated by the user at the hotel to properly address the submitted claim.

    If the claim pertains to compensable damages suffered by the user, the Hotel will communicate this information to the insurance company contracted by the Hotel to manage the damages suffered by the user.

    Legal Basis: This processing is necessary for the performance of the contract.

    10. Handling of inquiries and other requests: “The Hotel” will carry out data processing necessary for the attention of the query or request sent by the user through the different contact forms enabled on the website and through the form for contact via chat.

    Likewise, the user may direct such queries or requests through telephone means, in which case “The Hotel” informs that the call may be recorded in order to properly address the request and for security reasons.

    Legal Basis: This processing will only be carried out if “The Hotel” has the user’s consent by marking the enabled checkboxes in the mentioned contact forms or understood as voluntarily making the inquiry through telephone means.

    11. Online reputation monitoring. “The Hotel” may conduct checks on the reviews that users make on websites such as TripAdvisor and similar ones, in order to monitor its online reputation and make business decisions for the continuous improvement of its services, being able to contact in case of negative experiences to propose possible solutions. “The Hotel” understands that it holds a legitimate interest in improving its services and protecting its brand.

    Legal Basis: This processing is based on the legitimate interest of “The Hotel” in monitoring the reputation of its brand on the Internet and being able to address complaints and grievances

    12. Judicial or Administrative Procedures: “The Hotel,” in the event of possible judicial or administrative proceedings that may arise from services offered or provided by “The Hotel,” will process the necessary information to present the appropriate allegations, exercise its right to defense, or file any claims it deems appropriate based on the events that have occurred.

Legal Basis: This processing is based on legal obligations, outlined by administrative regulations (mainly, the Common Administrative Procedure Law) or is necessary for “The Hotel” to exercise its legitimate right to effective judicial protection, both in its right to defense and in filing judicial claims it deems appropriate, based on the Civil Procedure Law or the Criminal Procedure Law.

13. Sending Quality Surveys:. In order to evaluate the satisfaction level of users with the products and/or services contracted, “The Hotel” will send quality surveys to obtain their opinion on them and thus be able to continuously improve the provision of its services.

Legal Basis: This processing is based on the legitimate interest of “The Hotel.”

14. Conducting Controls for Detection of Fraudulent Activities: In order to maintain control and monitoring of actions that may constitute fraud in current or future contracts, “The Hotel” informs that it carries out an analysis of the transactions made to identify and analyze in more detail those it detects as suspicious of being fraudulent during the contracting period, developing, if necessary, temporarily limited exclusion lists for contracting.

Legal Basis: This processing is based on the legitimate interest of “The Hotel” as it carries out control and monitoring of all operations carried out by its users to detect possible fraudulent behaviors in the transactions carried out during the contracting process.

15. Cookie Data Processing: Information regarding the cookie policy can be found at the following link

III.- How long will we keep your data?

The personal data to which access is obtained will be processed and kept for as long as the contractual relationship or the purpose for which they were collected is maintained. After that, “The Hotel” will keep the personal data once its contractual relationship has ended or when they are no longer relevant for the purposes collected, duly blocked, for their availability to the competent Public Administrations, Courts and Tribunals, or the Public Prosecutor’s Office during the limitation period of the actions that may arise from the relationship maintained with the user and/or the legally provided retention periods. “The Hotel” will proceed to physically delete the data once these periods have elapsed.

In the event that the user has given consent for the purposes of processing informed in this clause, “The Hotel” will keep their information as long as the user does not withdraw the previously granted consent, through the means indicated in section V.

IV.- Who will we share your data with?

“The Hotel” may share the data with:

  • Online payment service providers whose systems are connected to the website of Hotel Monasterio de Boltaña, in order to charge the reservation and possible additional fees.
  • They will receive the personal data necessary to manage the reservation or handle the request made by the user. .
  • Insurance brokerage and insurance company of “The Hotel” in case the user suffers compensable damages.
  • Competent Public Authorities, Courts, and Tribunals.
  • In addition to the aforementioned data communications, “The Hotel” collaborates with some third-party service providers who have access to the personal data of customers and process said data on behalf of and on account of “The Hotel” as a result of providing their services. Specifically, “The Hotel” will contract the provision of services by third-party providers who carry out their activity, by way of example and not limited to, in the following sectors: legal advice, multidisciplinary professional services companies, technology service providers, and IT service providers.
  • V.- What are your rights when you provide us with your data?

Users may, if they wish, exercise the rights of access, rectification, and erasure of data, as well as request the restriction of the processing of their personal data, object to it, request data portability, as well as not be subject to automated individual decisions, through the following means:

  • By sending a written request to the postal address indicated above.
  • By sending a request to the email

Users may, in relation to those treatments based on obtaining their consent, withdraw their consent through the procedure detailed in the previous paragraph.

Users may request opposition to those treatments based on the legitimate interest of “The Hotel,” especially in relation to receiving commercial communications, developing commercial profiles, and receiving surveys.

VI.- How did we obtain your data?

The personal data that “The Hotel” processes are the personal data collected through:

– Our direct channels:

  • Web (
  • Call center for telephone requests.

– Hotel ownership companies, if they have the user’s consent.

– Internet and social networks, if they have the user’s consent.

VII.- Before what authority can you exercise your claims?

Users can file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency regarding the response they have received from “The Hotel” when exercising their rights.

In any case, the user is informed that the management of claims regarding the processing of personal data will be processed by Monasterio Boltaña S.L. with registered office at c/ afueras s/n – 22349, Boltaña, Huesca, or by sending an email to attaching, in both cases, a copy of their ID card, Tax Identification Number (NIF), or official document that identifies them.