Discovering the Aragonese Pyrenees Paths

March 8, 2024
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The adventure for our guests does not start when they enter the hotel, but on the way there. The landscapes that can be enjoyed and photographed throughout the journey, already hint at the spectacular nature of what they will experience during their stay. A real delight for the eyes. Everything that surrounds us will envelop you in a universe of natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes, ready to fulfil the promise of a few days full of exploration and discovery.

What activities can be done near the Hotel Monasterio de Boltaña?

Undoubtedly one of the most outstanding jewels of the area is the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park, which is just a few kilometres from our Hotel. A natural sanctuary of incomparable beauty declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Home to some of the most impressive mountains in the Pyrenees, including the iconic Monte Perdido, which rises majestically above the surrounding landscape.

Led by our experienced guides, our more adventurous guests will have the chance to visit the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park in a different way. They will have the opportunity to explore a variety of hiking routes that take them through deep gorges, roaring waterfalls and alpine meadows dotted with wild flowers. The hike to the Cola de Caballo, a stunning waterfall that cascades from the cliffs high above the Ordesa valley, is one of the most popular routes.

After a day full of surprises and adventure on the trails, what better way to relax than a session in our spa circuit or a relaxing massage to end the day with a carefully selected gastronomic offer in the Marboré restaurant. The perfect end to a very complete day.

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How can I go on guided tours?

If that wasn’t enough, our hotel offers the option of booking guided hikes with our expert guides so you can make the most of your time in Boltaña. These enthusiastic local guides not only know the trails like the back of their hand, but also tell fascinating stories about the history and culture of the region, enhancing the walking experience.

Ready to explore the trails of the Aragonese Pyrenees and discover the beauty of the area, we are waiting for you with open arms to experience unforgettable moments in nature together!