It is well born to be grateful

marzo 1, 2024
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It is in Chapter XXII of the First Part of Don Quixote that Cervantes’ famous phrase appears: «It is of well-born people to be grateful for the benefits they receive, and one of the sins that most offends God is ingratitude». On 1st March, we closed a cycle for the Hotel Monasterio de Boltaña. The hotel chain Barceló stopped managing the Hotel after 19 years.

From Friday 1st March 2024, the hotel will be managed directly by the owners, who acquired the property in 2021 and now assume direct responsibility for its operation, without intermediaries.

The mayor of Boltaña, José Mari Giménez, has expressed his opinion on this change of management: «This transition represents a new stage for the hotel, with a more direct management by the local owners. The ownership is the same, but now it takes control».

The mayor highlighted the positive impact that the hotel has had on the region during its years of operation under Barceló’s management, generating employment and boosting the local economy. He also pointed out that the current owners have invested heavily in the comprehensive renovation of the hotel, such as the renovation of the spa, rooms, swimming pool, restaurant and energy improvements.

The main objective of the new management has been to find a stable workforce with local people, thus promoting local development and the integration of the community in the hotel’s operation.

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What’s new for this new stage?

As we mentioned earlier, over the last few years, we have carried out a comprehensive renovation of all the facilities, both in the spa and the swimming pool as well as in the rooms and the lighting of the building.

«And we continue to work tirelessly on the renovation of the entire hotel. We are currently carrying out renovations to the outdoor pool area in preparation for the new season, which will include a new chill-out area with a premium outdoor bar and terrace. We will also be adding 14 new villas in July, expanding the hotel’s capacity to 150 rooms,» explains new Director Rita Agelet.

«We also wanted to give a 180º turnaround to the restaurant, putting Rubén Pertusa at the helm, who has already given a new look to the entire kitchen in a very short time. Rubén is a chef who is committed to quality, local produce cuisine, offering dishes prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients. «A 5-star hotel must guarantee quality in every preparation, offering a unique gastronomic experience to its guests».

It is our obligation to live up to what this Hotel represents for the whole area and to be able to give an unforgettable experience to all those who visit us.

Let the show begin!